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Dried Deco Ball Mix 2 Assorted

Inspired by blissful serenity and the allure of the sea, where soothing hues and natural textures bring effortless charm to the home
This decor filler set is an assorted collection of ball-shaped twigs, branches, and sola wood
Each set highlights a variety of shades of brown and white natural finish
The assorted collection is an array of different-sized and designed orb balls gifted by nature
Each item measures 7.15L x 5.10W x 7.85H, 7.15L x 5.10W x 7.85H inches, and weighs 1.17 lbs
  • Comes with balls made from various natural materials placed in a box
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Dried, cut, and carved wood with natural finish